Dataset Open Access

Single-eye Event-based Emotion (SEE) Dataset

Haiwei Zhang, Jiqing Zhang, Bo Dong, Pieter Peers, Wenwei Wu, Xiaopeng Wei, Felix Heide, Xin Yang. In the Blink of an Eye: Event-based Emotion Recognition. Special Interest Group for Computer GRAPHICS (SIGGRAPH), 2023.


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The dataset consists of response data for 111 participants. It includes:

• 7 emotions (Anger,Happiness, Sadness, Neutrality, Surprise, Fear, Disgust)

• 4 lighting conditions (HDR, Overexposure, Low-Light, Normal)

66 men, 45 women

• Normal: 47 subjects, Overexposure: 22 subjects, HDR: 21 subjects, Low-Light: 21 subjects

• 2405/128712 sequences/frames

For an explanation of labels and other information,see  the ‘’ file.


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